Knowledge Base Reorganization

  • Based on the wisdom and input of our fearless forum moderators, I've reorganized the Knowledge Base. Instead of having the actual knowledge base topics in the forum, they have been moved to the main site to a new Knowledge Base section. Then, in the Knowledge Base part of the forum, you can make comments or critiques of each Knowledge Base article. (They are all cross linked: KB article to forum and vice-versa.)

    This way users can easily find these KB articles on the main site, those who are interested here can comment on the articles and/or debate their contents.
    I look forward to letting this part of the site grow.
  • Izzy Guru

    I think it's much better and will be very beneficial.

    Great work Mr.Coniglio.
  • Tech Staff

    Yes, this should increase search ranking for these topics, helping people find the information, and user find Isadora as a solution ;)