Bring a dancer from anywhere into your studio - Virtual Presence with Isadora and StreamWeaver

  • I had a few requests come in to show how I managed to set up a system where I can get remote tracking data from dancers isolated in their homes into my local Isadora patch. In this new video (a cleaned up version of the one I made after Mark's recent guru session), I demonstrate how SRT can easily transport the Rokoko tracking protocol, and how Isadora and Rokoko Studio can connect as though they were on the same network even though they are separated by vast distances over the public internet. 

    With this system, you can have dancers anywhere in the world contribute motion data to your patch with very low latency and high stream fidelity, opening the possibility for metaphysical collaboration while COVID continues to limit our physical co-presence, all facilitated by Isadora and StreamWeaver.

    Let me know what you think:

  • Beta Gold

    As a Dance tech guy I am amazed by what you have achieved Andy. Thanks !