• Hi, 
    I just get a Panasonic Lumix DC FZ82, it has wifi connection but to get the image there  s no Mac OS app,  it's only an iOS app (panasonic image app), 

    so I'm wondering if there s any way to get the live stream on Mac OS and process it in Isadora, 
    any hint? 


  • A lot of cameras have a "clean HDMI out" - a feature where you can run the camera's HDMI out into a capture card where Izzy would recognize it as a video in source, but I don't think the Panasonic has that feature, unless there's been an update recently...

    One thing that you could try is:

    • Connect your iPhone to your Mac via USB
    • Open Quicktime on your Mac
    • In the Quicktime menu bar, go "File -> New Movie Recording"
    • Click the dropdown arrow next to the record button and select your iPhone as the source

    Now your iPhone should be mirrored to a Quicktime window.  You could open the Panasonic image app on your phone and then use the Screen Capture actor in Izzy to import the feed via Quicktime.

    I think that should work, and it wouldn't cost you anything?  There are also some wireless mirroring apps you could try - they cost a bit of $$ and introduce the possibility of dropped signal / lag but could work for you: How to Use a Mobile Phone as a Live Input for Isadora! : TroikaTronix

  • Thanks @will

    The solution works! But the problem being the Panasonic remote app doesn’t allow a phone full screen display.. so I can cheat with the accessibility zoom in iOS, Although I ll loose quality,

     i ll do some more test to see clearly the resolution it outputs...  ;-)