[ANSWERED] Locking Stage Preview Windows / Multiple Syphon Feeds?

  • Hey - quick question here.  Using Izzy 3.07 and Mac OS Catalina.

    I am working on a project where I am hoping to send a video feed of a bunch of different stage windows to various people as virtual video feeds to their phones - i.e. performer 1 gets a feed of stage 1, performer 2 gets a feed of stage 2, etc.  I'm using an app called Deskreen which can send a video feed of a given window to different recipients over wifi - it's pretty cool.

    If I hit "force stage preview" on Izzy I can pull up my stage windows, but when I click on my desktop (or outside of Izzy) the preview windows disappear.  Is there a way to "lock" them so they stay visible even when I click outside of Isadora?  The issue is that I have to open Deskreen to select the preview window to send to my performers, but when I open it up the preview window disappears so there's nothing to select.  Alternately, I could theoretically use the Syphon Virtual Cam plugin for this - if there's a way to open multiple syphon windows simultaneously so I can run each stage in its own Syphon window.  Pretty sure that's not possible - but if it is that'd work too.  Basically I'm just looking for my desktop to look something like this, even when I'm clicking outside of Isadora:


  • @will

    Try with unchecking Preferences/Stage  "Floating Stage Windows"



  • @jfg wow I can't believe it was that easy - I thought it had to be checked just to enable them, didn't try unchecking.  I feel dumb but that's what forums are for I guess.  Thanks!