2 computers, remote control > 2 isadoras with OSC? or....?

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    I have a computer A off-stage with:

    2 GH5 HDMI connected to an Atem mini with Atem Osc to control the card with isa ( thanks for the hint ! )
    2 movie players with basic control ( movies have Sound output )
    basic mapping and color scale with isadora
    noone to control it

    Another computer B in control room of the theatre with:
    Dmx usb to set light and moving platform on stage
    sound output
    manage the scenes and give the goes to the A computer...
    A light operator to control it

    My question is :

    - would OSC be the better protocole to communicate between those two computers? 
    Should I prefer an air server on B and use it to control A with just 1 Isadora set  ?

    - if I'm using B to playback the sound of the movies of A, I'm I going to offset? how would you sync sound and movie on 2 different computers? timecode maybe? 
    I'm curious about latency problems and frame drops

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    I always suggest a wired connection between networked patches because of latency and the potential of lost packets. I have some custom made shielded 40 mtr cat 6 cables that I use in the theatre for networking. Cat 6 is claimed to be good for 100-meter lengths. In my experience theatres tend to have a lot of network and electrical interference that can make critical wireless networks falter.

    I  believe one of the reasons for the introduction of timecode in Isadora was for accurate syncing of media.

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