• Matbe a little bit off topic... But Isadora expects .3ds files for 3d models. For me it is workable to create or get .obj files. Who knows of a good way to convert the .obj file to a reliable .3ds file (including .jpg texture)? I tried some internet converters but they didn't really work out up to now.

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    You could try the open-source software called meshlab, it works for me. Remember there is a limit of around 45,000 triangles for 3ds files in Isadora and the texture file needs to be in the same folder as the 3ds file or Isadora breaks the link path.

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  • Great.

    I'm going to try Meshlab. And very good you mentioned the maximum triangles, cause I never would have thought about that!

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    @plem said:


     Apologies, I checked my notes and the maximum is 65,000 triangles for the 3ds geometry. It goes without saying the more you can reduce the triangle count in the geometry the better performance you will get from Isadora.

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  • Of cause speed is a good thing, but this is not a realtime project. Just slow rendering and to Final cut pro. And delicate details need some resolution. As long as the program reacts good while editing. I’ll do some tests if I find the right, big test-files.

    Thanks, Peter.