​IMEDIAÇÕES Teleperformance (Isadora, ZoomOSC, Loopback, Bitfocus Companion)​

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    March 9th et 10th  2021, at 21h BST (UTC-3) I'll have the pleasure to present a choreographic téléperformance inside the International Dance Biennale of Cearà  that takes place in Fortaleza (Brazil) with ten beautiful and creative interpreters. All done in social distancing and streamed in real time on the Biennale YouTube page


    Téléperformance conceived by Armando Menicacci, Montreal (Canada)

    Felipe Bolcont : Canavieiras (Brazil)
    Simone Camargo : Grenoble (France)
    Janahina Cavalcante : Salvador (Brazil)
    Thiago de Araujo Costa : Goiânia (Brazil)
    Ariadne Felipe : São Paulo (Brazil)
    Sarah Ferreira : Florianópolis (Brazil)

    Aspásia Mariana : Fortaleza (Brazil)
    Paula Matthews : São Paulo (Brazil)
    Hudson Renato : Vitória (Brazil)
    Alba Vieira : Viçosa (Brazil)

    Artistic advisor : Nicolas Berzi, Montreal (Canada)

    Assistant : Aspasia Mariana

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    Parabens! Eu vou olhar isso com muito interesse!

  • @armando all the best !!


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    @bennnid Maravilha, Cê assistiu ?  

  • @armando sim assisto -)
    eu gostei da composição com o corpo com uma base, muito interessante ! 

    yes ! I liked it, I think the body as a source is a really fertile concept, it immediately brings emotion maybe because of identification, 
    I like a lot the combination of layers, and space composition with the different inputs,
    it's simple but efficient and gives a lot of space for the interprets to interact ! 

    hope to see another one soon ! 
    a te logo ! 

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    Thanks ! There will be bore, this is just the beginning....