[ANSWERED] Is there someone living in Amsterdam who could help out with our installation?

  • Hi there,

    At the moment I am installing a video mapping installation with 4 beamers. When I connected 4 beamers to one laptop (Mac Pro latest version) it did not work.

    Now I am trying to map from two laptops, but I can not seem to get any output from the other laptop I am working with, although I changed all the setting following the YouTube tutorial about settings on a Mac for Isadora.

    For this installation we worked with Gertjan Biasino, but unfortunately he does not live in Amsterdam and is very busy himself at the moment. I was wondering is there anybody out there who reads this and lives in Amsterdam and knows a lot about Isadora? 

    If yes and you happen to have time one of these days, please contact me! erin@betweentwohands.com or 0031-(0)623212071

    [STAFF NOTE: The issue was running 3.0.7 on macOS 11.x Big Sur. Erin has been given the Big Sur beta via the ticket system.]

  • Nevermind, I figured it out! Now I've got 4 beamers installed on one laptop, hope the mapping will look exactly the same tomorrow ;)

  • Tech Staff


    Hi there Erin, I am based in Utrecht. But I am often in Amsterdam. If you need assist let me know.

  • Tech Staff

    @erin said:

    hope the mapping will look exactly the same tomorrow ;)

     Be sure to connect and startup the hardware and computer in the same order. Changing the order can cause projectors to be assigned to different display numbers.