• Hello!

    I created this convoluted patch to do the following:

    1. Project two remote performers via Zoom.
    2. Desaturate the videos of the remote performers at first
    3. Throughout the dance, there were short moments where the hues of the videos need to change at a certain frequency and go back to black & white.
    4. At the crescendo, the colors come back and change their hues at a higher frequency.  During this sequence, live feed of dancers on the stage gets superimposed onto the videos of the remote dancers.
    5. The videos go back to black & white, and fade to black (space bar)

    I used four keys:

    • ‘a’ to turn the colors on and off
    • ‘v’ to superimpose the life feed of the dancers on the stage
    • ‘d’ to change the frequency of the hue change
    • ‘o’ to change the frequency of the hue change back to the original setting, just in case.

    This patch worked and the performance turned out great in the end.  But, if possible, I would like advanced Isadora users to give me some advice as to how I can simplify what I created or make it more fun and effective.

    Thank you!


    Rainbow Hues