Canon EOS Webcam Utility - Isadora 3.0.8 support

  • Tech Staff

    Isadora 3.0.8 brings cross-platform support (the Mac version is fresh of the press) for the very useful EOS webcam Utility from Canon.

    This virtual webcam utility interfaces a wide range of Canon EOS cameras, providing  high quality video feeds in Isadora just like any other webcam.

    Killer Feature: record your footage to the camera live while running the camera as your Live Capture Device.

    Just watch this video to get started, or go download the installer right away.

  • A word of caution on EOS Webcam for macOS, there was a time where this app was causing many production and conference software solutions (OBS, Wirecast, ZoomOSC, Zoom proper, Teams, etc.) to crash due to a bug in the driver. All camera units may not have received the patch yet, so keep an eye on this.

  • i've been using my Canon 550D with the Webcam Utility for a few months now. it works well in Isadora/OBS/OBSNinja despite the 550D being too old to be officially supported.