[ANSWERED] How To Turn Actor Names Back On

  • Hello all, 

    Yesterday I opened my project in Isadora and the title of the nodes have disappeared.. I work on two computers, home and at work, and this is the case to both of the computer.. Older versions of the project are fine but the three resent ones are like that. Even if i create a new node it still doesn't show the title, and this is on every scene..The rest of the node is fine.. I use windows in both compouters. It is just hard to modify the patch if i don't see the title of the nodes.. Did I accidentally press a shortcut that does this? I would really appreciate the help, the shooting starts tomorrow.. thank you!

  • @alice This is a setting:

    View->Actor Names 

    located in the top menu, and you'll see the shortcut there as well.

  • @liminal_andy Oh thank you so much!!

  • @liminal_andy so good to see you out here answering Izzy troubleshooting requests. Squaaaaaad! I have noticed some really heavy leaf accumulation in my front yard, and wondering if you have any insights?