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    We are trying to play back a single 1600x600 video on a quad-core Mac Pro with 16GB of RAM, and an SSD. The video is encoded as a P-JPEG with 65% quality. We have also tried DV, HDV, various ProRes, and H264 as well as a handful of other P-JPEG quality settings. The only processing is a pair of chop pixel actors and then some geometric settings in the projector actors. We have also tried simply playing from a movie player into a projector. We have also tried it on force stage preview. We have also tried using all core actors. We have tried both .1f02 and .0f24. We have tried 29.97, 30, and 60 FPS with appropriate target frame rates. No matter what we do we are seeing slight but noticeable stuttering during playback. The content includes some quickly moving text and it looks like it is intermittently jumping back a couple of frames. During playback, CPU usage is jumping to about 40% from a baseline of around 7% in scenes when we're just showing a still picture. Running QLab on the same computer does not demonstrate this issue nor does simply opening the video in quicktime. We are not seeing this issue playing the same videos using Isadora on a Retina Macbook Pro but we're stuck with the Mac Pro for our playback machine so we need to get it working smoothly. Thoughts?

  • Dear Matthew,

    I've sent a private mail to you about this. We can continue the discussion here after you try my suggestions, OK?
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    P.S. I believe your problem is related to the ongoing discussion in [this thread](http://troikatronix.com/troikatronixforum/discussion/622/isadora-movie-player-performances-with-respect-to-vlc#Item_45). It's an endemic thing that I'm looking into currently.