[ANSWERED] FPS settings in preferences

  • Hi,

    on my trashcan with 10.14 the preference settings for the FPS are ignored. Usually I work with 30fps, so it looks like this

    If I change the prefs to 60fps

    the cycles follow (double roughly) but the FPS stay the same.

    same thing the other way round - prefs set to 15fps, cycles go down, FPS stay at 30.
    On my macbook with 10.15 everything works as expected.
    Anyone here still on Moyave that can check if this is an OS issue?

  • Tech Staff


    Your have set Display Refresh Lock to scaled. That way it matches the fps of the Display connected and devides it by 2, if you set it to full it takes the full fps. If you want to set it manually you have to set the Display Refresh Lock to OFF.

    Best Michel

  • @michel

    Damn - user errror...

    Thanks a lot!