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    Are there any really truly random number generators?

    The linked Isadora patch provides five ways to produce random and pseudo-random numbers. Two are seeded externally and access API's to retrieve random number sequences, two more use Isadora modules and a fifth engages a combination of an external random seed with the Isadora module called 'Seeded Random'.

    The two API's are interesting because of the contrasting origins of randomness they provide. Random.org uses randomness that comes from atmospheric noise and Randomnumberapi.com seeds randomness from comments fields associated with social media. 

    The five scenes in the patch present randomised numbers each based on one of the methods described above. Using the 'g' for 'go' key on the keyboard a new set of numbers is displayed while previous numbers persist and their colour intensifies as they are recalled any amount of times in the randomness of selection. Numbers that are have less draw slowly fade. Each time the 'g' key has pressed a pattern of randomness emerges for each particular method.

    NOTE: the following plugins/add ons are required for the patch to function: JSON Parser Plugin, File Reader Plugin


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    I love this! Is it already uploaded to the Add-Ons page?