• Hi all

    Would like to trigger a scene in Isadora 3 on Windows 10 using a TCP or UDP client. Isadora should be the server.

    Does anybody know, if there is a way to achieve that? I just need to receive some command strings.

    Of course, the OSC would be possible but with the necessary implementation of OSC on the client side. Another approach is to use a server inbetween, where Isadora and the other client connects to.

    But is there a possibility to do an TCP or UDP server inside isadora?

    Thank you for your help


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    I have not seen an implementation of a server inside an Isadora patch, I don't think that is possible.

    You will find some information useful in this thread. In particular the Node-Red implementation appears to be an option for what you are describing.

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    @merni said:

    Isadora should be the server.

     What exactly do you want Isadora to do? Isadora can send via TCP and receive via TCP.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your answers.

    I use several RaspberryPis to communicate to different devices (e.g. Lightning Desk) ect. in my show. There, the RPi is always the client and the other device is the server.

    Now I also need to send a start signal from the RPi to Isadora to trigger the start scene. Since I am using python and already have a UDP client programmed, it would be the easyest way to just have a UDP Server on the Isadora side.

    Since it seems not possible so easily, I either use a webserver inbetween where the RPi and Isadora can connect to or I build a UDP or TCP server in python on the RPi side, but this will take some time.

    Are there other, easy to implement, posibilities?

    Thank you for your help


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    @merni said:

    Since I am using python and already have a UDP client programmed

     Sending OSC from Python is a snap. I would think that adding that functionality would be very quick.
    But you could also send a TCP message. I think there are a number of options, but OSC might be the easiest.

  • @merni if you are lazy you can send a upd message that is formed in the same way as OSC, OSC is just UDP with some formatting. I have done this before and it works fine. As @DusX says, adding OSC to python is trivial if you got this far.

  • Dear all

    Thank you for your help an input. With OSC, it was pritty easy to solve. I used a python OSC library (https://pypi.org/project/pytho...) and it works very easy on the python as well as on the isadora side. Problem solved.

    Thank you for your help.