Isadora get's stuck, I can not open other scenes and also not close Isadora anymore

  • Hi,

    When I am working in my file Isadora often suddenly stops working. I can not open another scene or do anything. It's also not possible to close it anymore.

    I don't know what the problem is. First I was working with big files 50gig, but I already downsized it to 20gig. Is it the video input or something else? My Mac still has 125 gig left, so should be allright (of total 500 gig).

    The Isadora file is attached.

    @Mark, thank you for the advice

    01_voorbeeld gertjan plein theater met jump

  • @erin said:

    The Isadora file is attached. I added it with attach file, but do not see it in the post. I am not sure how to upload it differently.

     Try .zipping the Isadora file and see if that allows you to upload it.

    Best Wishes,