how to sync triggers, osc transmit is blocking when 2 trig send data at the same time

  • Hi, 

    I use 2 different counters for x,y incrementation, sending its coordinates to update touch osc x y pad, 
    but when I want to reset their values with the same button, osc transmit would block them cos 2 trigs from different sources arrive at the same time, 
    I guess this fact is also creating a feedback effect, because the xy pad feels a bit laggy, 

    So how would you join 2 triggers that command the same function, and mix them so there's no 2 triggers at the same time? (I guess delay and gate can to the thing but I don't know if this is the cleaner solution) 


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    I am not entirely sure what you are trying to do here, or where the problem lies. I  don't have Touch OSC installed on anything so I can't test properly right now. I have looked at your Isadora file though and since you are using a OSC Multi Transmit actor with 2 values being input, and you are having some data sync issues I suspect your problem is due to the fact that your TOP most Counter actor is triggering the OSC Multi Transmit. In Isadora the patch is processed left to right, top to bottom. So its likely the OSC Multi Transmit is being triggered before the second counters data arrives. I think it will work as expected if you move the triggering of the OSC Multi Transmit to the LOWER Counter user actor, so that the top is done first and the value in place first.

    You can then even add a trigger delay (maybe 0.001) I don't think that bit with the Gate is needed. Just ensure the Transmit trigger is received after both values arrive. 

    Something like this: (here I combine the inputs earlier into a trigger, filter out doubles, and add a slight delay so that the trigger is last)

  • @dusx THANKS , works like a charm ;)

    can you tell me why 1,5 /240 (frame?) = 0,063 sec? I'm curious about adjusting those kind of parameters...

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    @bennnid said:

    1,5 /240 (frame?) = 0,063 sec

     Here I took 1 second divided by my Isadora Cycle rate (it was running at 240).. I then changed 1 sec to 1.5 to give some space.

    Isadora is able to run the patch through at the cycle rate per second. I just dumbed it down a bit.