• Hi, 

    would it be possible to have an app that syncs control panel,
    so we could benefit the design of It on a tablet, that would match designing/ connecting/ syncing, 

    as we do on touch osc for a lot of us...

    I  know cycling seems to have forgot their mira.app to copy max msp controls on a tablet,  but though it could open new spaces... of problems of app and iOS updates too I guess;-(


  • Tech Staff

    @bennnid said:

    Hi,  would it be possible to have an app that syncs control panel

    It's something that's already in the feature request hopper, but for the moment (if you don't want to use TouchOSC to make your own control interface), there's the workaround to run TeamViewer on a tablet and remotely control the show computer using the actual Control Panel in Isadora.

  • @woland great to know it s on the wishlist,
    though I guess priority is low, it could open loads of possibilities for "non-programmer" users,
    who can run apps, for dedicated use ( offset/ map home projector, use Arduinos #new#, interface their zoom meetings),
    and open a branch of artistic intermediale democratization of digital art home installations ( sorry half kidding)

    til then, thanks for the alternatives !

  • @bennnid

    for that purpose you can use the "Add password protection" in menu "File".

    Here from the User Manual:

    Saving Files as Run-Only

    Isadora allows you to save your files as “run-only”, so that others can use the file but can only modify it specific ways. One place this might be useful is when Isadora is used to create installations that will be maintained by others. Making a document run-only means that only you will be able to modify the file.