Initializing a scene with variables?

  • I've got a scene that I'm using as a re-usable "object" across different scenes throughout my patch. Does anyone have a suggestion about how to activate that scene with a different set of variables?

    In specific, this scene that I'm re-using has a sprite in it. Each time I activate the scene, I want to pre-load it with a different set of x, y, and intensity vars. Is there some tricky way to pass in variables?

  • Tech Staff

    How about using snapshots?


  • Thanks, I think that can work for me.

    Any other suggestions in general about how to pass variables/values across scenes? 

  • you can use broadcast/listener actors so every time you activate that scene you also send it the values you need. I'd fade in the scene a little so that you don't see a jump from sprite's local values to the broadcast ones.

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