Control video play back from Video In Watcher?

  • I know this may sound like a time warp question, but basically what I want to accomplish is this:  I have a 10 minute dance.  For 5 minutes of the dance I want to capture via a webcam.  At 5 minutes I want Isadora to do 2 things: playback from the beginning and at the same time (but at 2x, 3x, whatever, alternating between going forward and backward) still record what is happening so by the end of the piece the past caches up with the present at 10 min.

    I don't know enough about each actor to be able to simultaneously record and playback via movie player?

    Or maybe I could be attacking this some other way?

    Help would be appreciated.  Thank you!

  • Take a look at this patch I created three years ago in an Isadora workshop. It does some of what you want to do.  3a1951-talking-to-myself.izz