• Hello! I'm controlling a projector using four separate 'Send PJLink' actors to turn it on, turn it off, open the shutter, and close the shutter. The operator will not be able to easily see the projection screen. I'm making a control panel for the operator and was wondering if there is a tool that will tell the operator if the projector is on or off or if the shutter is open or closed similar to an indictor light or something. If this doesn't exist, is there a way so that I can toggle a button that fires one actor at press and fires another actor at release? Thanks!

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    PJLink has two commands that may help you.

    1: Power Status. This command returns the current power state of the hardware.

    2: Mute Status. This command returns the Mute status (includes video blackout).. this may not help since you mention Shutter rather than video blackout.

    Both of these commands are build into the PJLink actor. Possibly the Class 2 PJLink specification has something more for shutter status?

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    @dusx said:

    more for shutter status? 

    %1AVMT ?

    Class 1 command.