Vidget - max for live device enables tight sync with Isadora

  • A few years ago I made a few tutorials about syncing Ableton Live to various VJ apps and a video version of the buffer shuffler I still get a steady trickle of people interested in this stuff so have decided to make a new version.

    So here is Vidget - it is cross platform, should work with any OSC enabled VJ software and comes with example patches for Isadora, Resoume 4 and VDMX.

    Features: Tight Sync of Video to Live clips in Session View
    Responds to Loops/Tempo/Volume/Follow Actions/Start Points etc etc pretty much everything.
    Modified version of Buffer Shuffler which will affect your video for glitchy mayhem!
    Experimental timecode feature which allows video version of temporal fx like Beat Repeat, InstaJungle, Turnado etc.

    There are 2 versions one for Live9/Max 6 and one for Live 8. If you have Live 9 and Max 5 err I think you need the Live * version. This stuff gives me a headache.

    There is an example Live set with the download and files for Isadora, VDMX and Resolume. OSC in ports should be set to 7000 (at least initially). It should work without any mucking about but hey I’m sure you know what computers are like!

    The Tutorial Video, Download Links and contact details are here:

  • Awesome!! This will save me a lot of time! Thank you!