Avi (via capture to disk actor) black when imported into Premiere

  • In a recent performance I had a series of capture to disk actors that in succession captured most of the performance and then they were used in the performance later.  Looking back at the footage it gave an interesting perspective that could serve the final edited video (of the performance) well.  So I wanted to import the AVI files into Premiere Pro CS4 for editing.  Thing is, when they import they are black.  They play fine in Isadora and fine in Quicktime, just black in Premiere Pro and Media Encoder.

    I've tried converting the files to various formats with various codecs and Media Encoder's preview still shows black.

    Any thoughts on this?

    My webcam is a Microsoft LifeCam Studio, I have a PC running Win8, i7 with 8GB ram and the latest version of Isadora running.  I have installed GSpot to figure out if it is a codec issue, but it spits back that a codec is not needed.  The container is: Multipart OpenDML AVI (4 parts); Codec: DIB (_RGB); 4:3; 640 x 480

    I'm no expert at codecs and hoping someone could shine some light in the right direction.  Thank you

  • Tech Staff

    If it plays in quicktime, why not export as a MOV from there? (may require QT pro).
    You could play via Isadora and output as MOV.
    otherwise, VLC will play almost anything, and has conversion options?

  • Dear Callie,

    Please report this as a bug using the bug report here: http://troikatronix.com/support/isadora/
    Best Wishes,