Feature Request: Control Elements on User Actors

  • I had an Isadora dream last night. (in my defence: yesterday was the premiere of a new show - i've been mentoring the artists and they're using Izzy to run the video (2 projectors), sound and lighting for everything, so its been a pretty Izzy-heavy week) Anyway, in my dream i was able to add stuff from the control menu directly into the patch window.

    this got me thinking: would it be a useful feature if user actors could be directly appended with control elements? where the little icon would be on a regular actor? the function could be the same, using control ID numbers, or maybe there's a special way of linking the control to the actor inside the user actor - this way the user actor could be re-used in different patches without ID conflict.

    this would make it possible for an actor to display a monitor of what's going on inside it, kind of like the Eyes actors. or a switch/selector/slider/dial that could be a little clearer than clicking and dragging the green dot on an input.

    i often operate shows directly from the scene window, and i think this functionality would really help.

    (i mentioned a feature request on here a while ago where control elements could be free-floating in their own windows, rather than fixed in the control panel window, but this is slightly different in that the control could become integral to a user actor.)

    what do you think?