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    Dear Isadorians

    When I started using Isadora in 2003, I had no idea that it would still be with me almost 20 years later. In the beginning the Isadora community met in a Yahoo group, until Mark switched to a forum in 2007 at the request of the users. At first I was very active as a simple user and when we held the first Isadora meeting in Doncaster in 2009 Mark said to Graham (Skulpture) and me he would like to compensate us for our work. Since then I have been part of the Isadora team.

    It is with a heavy heart that I have decided to leave the team at the end of April. I still stay with the community and use Isadora almost daily. However, additional responsibilities at university mean that I can no longer do my job as a forum moderator as conscientiously as I have set as my goal. At the beginning of April Juriaan joined the Izzy team and will take over my tasks in the forum and on the Add-Ons page. With him we finally get an additional Windows user in the team.

    I would like to thank Mark for taking me on this journey. He has always been an inspiration and where would we all be without Isadora/Mark.
    I would especially like to thank Xenia, so many times she has had to remind the team of deadlines. She keeps the pieces together. And a lot more.
    Ryan (DusX), Monty and Lucas (Woland) I would like to thank you for the great teamwork, I am really glad to have met you.
    Graham (Skulpture) thank you for supporting me from the beginning of the journey. 

    I hope to see you all soon at the next Isadora workshop.

    Best Michel

  • @michel

    There are no words to express how grateful I am that you have been with us all this time. You say that I am an inspiration, but your commitment to the software and to the users is an inspiration to me. That you are such a bright and kind soul only makes it harder to say goodbye to you in this role. Still, I hope that we will see you here as you (hopefully) have more time to pursue projects that bring excitement and joy to your life. I hope that you will continue to use Isadora as you do, and that you will come here sometime so that we can finally help you! ;-)

    Michel has given all of us so much. Please give back to him by offering a round of applause or a few words about a time he made a difference in your process.

    THANAK YOU! <3

  • Dear @michel thank you for all your time and dedication !! 

    I have been part of this community since 2011 and I remember you from the beginning. You have helped and advised me many times. I wish you the best in your new horizons. 

    All the best and big hug

    Maxi- Isadora Latin Network

  • thanks Michel, you have been really helpful and kind!
    your lines stay on the forum to continue helping people, and I hope I'll read new ones times to times !
    have a nice Univ Road! 

    bests Ben

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    Hi Michael,

    What a tremendous contribution the Isadora team makes in our lives. Thank you for your wisdom and steadfast commitment to those of us at the end of the line. Your patience and time has been appreciated. let's hope your successor has all the right stuff in the drivers seat.

    Best Wishes for your future,


  • Thank you Michel for your help and the right tips.

    All the best!


  • Tech Staff

    @Michel with the team of Isadora you created a caring community that is not afraid to share their practices with each other. I can't thank you enough for that, it was one and still is one of the selling points of Isadora for me. It shaped me as an artist to grow in a supportive environment and make Isadora my own. It is an honour to follow in your footsteps and to grow this community even stronger with the team.

    Hopefully, you will visit us often (just because you want to see what we as a community are doing) during your off-time.

    Let's speak soon at the Isadora workshop and drink a beer with each other :)

  • Bye Michel, massive thanks for your contribution to the community over the years, sorting out the forum and keeping the family of Isadorables happy. good luck with your future ventures... :) 

  • Tech Staff


    We love you forever and always <3

  • @michel

    Dear Michel,
    Since joining in 2012, I have always found you to be a friendly, helpful and, above all, patient moderator here in the forum, who has certainly played a large part in setting the tone in this forum, so pleasantly apart from others. Thanks a million.
    The normal user Michel is welcome to all of us.
    All the best

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    You were one of the first names I got to know on the forum when I was first learning Isadora, and then one of the first faces years later when I came Berlin for the first time to meet the team.
    I have always respected your level headed honesty and your well of technical knowledge, I hope that your endeavors don't take you to far from the Isadora community and we can again meet for a pint and teach each other some tricks.

  • @reinhard said:

    Dear Michel,

     thanks for all the work you done for Isadora

    all the best for your new responsibility in the university. I know by experience how much energy it could cost.


  • just to echo others here: i'm a relative newbie, but i've quickly discovered that this forum is one of the many things that makes Isadora a community as well as an amazing media tool. So many thanks for the work you have done here. Best wishes for the new role.

  • A famous Izzy Guru name is leaving, but I'm sure not so far !

    Thank's a lot for your advices and commitment in this fabulous forum.

    All the best !


  • @michel

    A true loss  indeed! And thank for  all the support  over years!

    All the  best


  • @michel: Thank you🏋🏾‍♂️💕👍🏾

  • Izzy Guru

    @michel said:

    the first Isadora meeting in Doncaster in 2009

     Wow good times! Seems so long ago now - but I guess it was! Thanks for all the help and support with the forum and many other things. 

  • Tech Staff

    @michel mein lieber Mischel, für deine Superorganisiertheit, deine Freundlichkeit, deine Fähigkeit Beruf und Privat auszubalancieren, deine tolles Deutsch ;-) und die kleinen informellen Gespräche sage ich DANKE mit deinem Landsmann, der als Einziger die kulturelle Aneignung der ostdeutschen Kultur beherrscht. 

  • @michel

    Hello Michel, I remember talking with you in Berlin in different times but always around Isadora. I wish you hapiness and success in your life and enterprises.

    Chüss, Jacques

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    @michel. It is with sadness that we see you go michel. You'll be missed. Thank you for the wonderful time. Knowing that you among the team where there was a big relief knowing that between all of you we all can through out questions.

    Thank you, and have fun in your new projects.