• I have a small patch with an enter scene value being broadcast to a secondary scene. To get live feedback of the value, I'm changing the output, rather than the input, so that I don't have to exit the scene and then re-enter it in order to change the value. Now I want to put this patch into a macro, but can't figure out how to get the same functionality, because of course you can't output to an input. Any ideas how to do this? 98008d-scenevalue.jpg

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    Sorry, I really don't follow what you are doing with this patch. It looks to me like this could cause a infinite loop error.
    Unless Calculator only adds for new values in which case it won't do anything, expect broadcast the value once.

  • The enter scene value works as a pulse, so when I activate the scene, it broadcasts the value to my other active scene's listener. What I want to be able to do though is then manipulate the value within the scene, but have it simultaneously update the value that's going to be sent through, the next time that I enter the scene.

    Actually, in describing it that way, I figured it out.


  • Actually, I'm having this problem in another part of my patch. I have multiple inputs going into a calculator (Value 1 of the calculator below). This value is always the 'live' value of a parameter, so I'm also able to manipulate it live. But once I put it into a macro, the default value of the user input does not update to the moving value of the calculator input.

    Is there a way to have a user input update to the value that it's inputting to? I know that sounds like a feedback loop (again), but I'm trying to find a way to take control of this value without having it jump, but I'd like to keep the patch inside the macro.


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    With user actors and macros, any defaults are set from the outside of the actor, internal settings belong to the item (actor or macro).
    Assuming that you want to be able to run this, have the V1 update, maybe leave the scene, and then come back to the same settings in place.
    I think what you would have to do is feed the other 2 values out of your user actor and back to the input, this way all values enter the calculator via the Macros Input and the last value will be remembered as expected.
    PS: must have been sleepy last time I posted... there is no logic problem in your first image ;)

  • Thanks DusX, I think that you're saying that a user input only reads the value when a scene is entered? The part of the patch that I'm having the problem with is the trigger value, when it is triggered, the user input doesn't update it's value. And the only way for that to update is to exit and re-enter the scene? I was also seeing a version of this with a control, where I was changing values via TouchOSC, and the control doesn't update.

    I guess a 'read-value' trigger on the input is what I'm after. But maybe I need to just abandon this idea.
    p.s. no worries! You guys are so advanced in your knowledge that I'd pretty much believe anything that you told me. ;o)
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    Do you not have 2 outputs connected for the Trigger?

  • Sorry Dusx, I'm not following... There are 4 possible input streams (with the user input as the 5th) and it's outputting to two destinations. It's the OSC actor that I posted here: http://troikatronix.com/community/#/discussion/769/bidirectional-osc-control-actor

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    Sorry I think we got our wires crossed. I will take a peak at the actor when I have a chance.