• Hi everyone
    desoler for my english ....
    I would use a USB Enttec to retrieve the information dmx happens on the case, how can I do?
    thank you in advance

  • could you explain better what you are saying ?

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    Write in French if it helps; we will use google translate to convert it (and there are a few French users here anyway).

  • Hi, I'm french !
    If I understand, you want to use incoming DMX channels levels from your ENTTEC into Isadora .. Is that right ?
    Personnally, I don't know how, sorry.
    Some guys have written some user actors for ENTTEC DMX Usb Pro but I think, It was to send DMX channels from Isadora..

    If someone has a solution, and if Pierremine doesn't understand, I can translate in french for him.
    Si quelqu'un a une solution et si Pilou ne la comprends pas, je peux traduire en francais pour lui.


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    Thanks fifou :)

  • OK je vais écrire en français si quelqu'un peut traduire :)

    je voudrais récupérer les infos DMX qui arrive via l'enttec dans isadora pour contrôler des patch....
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    Je pense que un bon endroit pour commencer est de télécharger ces acteurs isadora de l'ancien forum:
    J'espère que cela va vous aider.
    Les acteurs peuvent envoyer et recevoir des données à partir de la boîte Enttec.
    I think a good place to start is downloading these isadora actors from the old forum:
    Hopefully this will help you. 
    The actors can send and recieve data from the Enttec box.

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  • Translation from pierremine's answer:
    Great, it works ! Here's a summup on my site (in french) : http://www.lesloupiotes.fr/wordpress/?p=503

    (Dommage le lien pour le user actor ne fonctionne pas !)
    Du coup on ne sait pas comment tu fais !


  • oups lien corriger !!!

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    I have started working on adding DMX IN to my actor, but haven't had a chance to finish.. sorry.

  • To get the "DMX in" values of the Enttec dmx usb pro, you have to use the serial in watcher. To activate the correct serial input, go to "Communications->Serial Setup" and make the assignment between COM port and Isadora's serial port (i.e. connect COM3 to Port 1). Afterwards, turn on the serial communication by "Communications->Enable Serial Ports".

    The difficulty is to extract the the DMX values from the input stream. After a couple of experiments i found the solution, thanks to the new monitor function in the pre-release version. You findworking examples in the attached file.

    Here are working examples for the stream parser:
    Get DMX1 and DMX2: { e7 7e 05 } 4 byte dmx1 : int = 1byte dmx2 : int = 1byte
    Get DMX8: { e7 7e 05 } 4 byte 7byte dmx8 : int = 1byte
    Get DMX512: { e7 7e 05 } 4 byte 511 byte dmx512 : int = 1byte

    Good luck, Gunther

  • Gunther thats some seriously cool stuff. Do you think the same applies to the Lanbox?

  • I'm pretty sure that code is specific to the Enttec.  There are instructions on how to do DMX in on the Lanbox somewhere on the old forum.


  • I think with the lanbox it's quite easy. You can configure the Lanbox with LCedit, Tools->Global Settings->DMX. Then the Lanbox maps DMX input channels to light channels. With the regular Lanbox command ChannelReadData (see Reference manual of the Lanbox) you get the DMX input values as channel values.

    You will find a lot of Isadora actors of Lanbox commands, including the ChannelReadData, here:

    I'm pretty sure that gives a solution.

  • cool beans. I am working on a project which has a grand MA desk controlling isadora. I would like to dig deeper and understand more about the TCP actor and lanbox.