Kinect to adaptor to canopus to another computer

  • Hi

    I'm trying to get one laptop (A) to feed the kinect video (from isadora) out the display port into a VGA to S-video converter box, S-video into a Canopus AVDC-55 which is then sent via firewire into another laptop (B). This works if I use QT 7 on (B) computer. I see the video clip isadora (A) is playing or the feed from kinect-syphon-isadora. But when I open isadora on computer (B) the live capture doesn't work. Internal camera yes, the capture window recognizes the AVDC-55, but it's black.
    Any ideas??

  • why is it whenever I go public with a problem, it seems to solve itself? If I had brains, I could figure out how to save the world with this particular skill... thanks anyway!


  • How did this worked out? For the benefit of possible somebody who's problems do not solve itself.

  • Sorry... I usually do add my findings if it is something noticeable, but in this case it was lots of turning off and on live capture, restarting Isadora, checking connections, then voila!

    A mystery, but it continues to work!

  • It is possible that you had Quicktime open and ”using” the Canopus still even if you close the window, but do not quit QT. Sometimes Isadora will not list tied up device as available at all but other times these just do not work.

  • good point! will watch out for that - thx - John