• HD Syphon / NDI isolated outputs from Zoom are finally a reality! ZoomISO BETA is finally ready for public testing from by Liminal (the creators of ZoomOSC), and we are looking for help testing the app in production environments. With all of the possible hardware / software combinations out there, we want to make sure the app gets a proper user evaluation before commercial launch.

    ZoomISO allows for multiple NDI, Syphon, Floating Window, or SDI outputs from Zoom on macOS. It's designed to replace the racks of "pinning computers" currently bringing talent into vision mixers, media servers, and switchers. It also has OSC-based routing capabilities for flexible patching.

    Visit www.liminalet.com/zoomiso-beta to download the demo and fill out a feedback form.

  • @liminal_andy great news !! Cant wait to test it.