[ANSWERED / TICKET] Capture Camera to Movie Audio Delay

  • Hey all! I've been playing around with some heavy duty loop capture programs and I've noticed when using the Capture Camera to Movie actorthat there's a variable and noticeable lag in when the audio starts getting captured verses the video. Sometimes anywhere from .5 seconds to 2 whole seconds before I'm able to hear anything. I'm basically using these actors to do with video what musicians do with loop pedals, so those seconds are pretty important. Has any else noticed this? 

    Here's an example of one piece I did in which all the performances were captured using this actor in real time (no pre-recorded footage).

    Love ya, Izzy.

    — Josh

  • @joshuawg 

    Actually, let me amend that. Yes the glitch mentioned above is still an issue, but I'm noticing now that my audio and video when captured through the capture camera actor are entirely out of sync with the audio starting over a second after the video. Uncertain why this is the case because I've had so much luck with this actor before. Maybe Isadora is as tired as I am. 

  • @joshuawg

    Okay. Now it must be personal because I've got movie players that have decided to loop despite my telling them not to. 

  • Tech Staff

    Hi there @joshuawg

    That sounds less than ideal. Let us get to the bottom of this, could you kindly sent us a support ticket at https://support.troikatronix.c...

    Our support team is aware of this thread and will respond accordingly.

    Thank you!

    - Juriaan