DaVinci Style Color Grading in Isadora

  • Dear All,

    For my presentation on Alex Lindsay's "Office Hours" yesterday, @liminal_andy encouraged me to offer some color grading possibilities. I found some really useful code at the GitHub repository of Trevor Van Hoof that attempts to implement the color grading controls offered in DaVinci Resolve, and I've ported his work to an Isadora patch which is attached below.

    (For those who might have been introduced to Isadora during yesterday's Office Hours session, you can try all this out by downloading the free Isadora demonstration version from our Get It page. You'll need to replace the first movie with a movie of your own to try it. To do this, double click the item in the Media View where it says "People Walking.mp4" and choose a different movie.)

    Note also that I've tested this on macOS, and it should work on Windows. But if Windows users have any trouble, please post here.

    I myself don't really know anything about color grading, nor have I used DaVinci Resolve very much. Since I'm a little in the dark on this topic, I'd love some feedback: does this patch do what you expect? Is it useful? What's wrong with it?

    Let me know what you think. ;-)

    Best Wishes,