Isadora + Windows 8 = Graphics Card Driver Update

  • Hello Everybody,

    I just went through a back and forth with an Isadora user whose copy was crashing on startup under Windows 8\. It turns out, many, many graphic cards need to have their drivers updated before they will work with Isadora. (To see how pervasive this is, search Google for [ "Windows 8" minecraft problem ] and you'll see a hundreds of pages about this -- Minecraft also relies on OpenGL.)
    In the next version Isadora won't crash in this situation, but it will still show a warning because OpenGL is not available. But I've added this to the download page for now, and wanted to post it here as well:
    _If you upgraded to Windows 8 from a previous version, it is very possible that your graphic card drivers need to be updated. Make sure you have the very latest drivers before running Isadora._
    • The Microsoft Compatibility Center will check if your graphics card is compatible with Windows 8.
    • To update your graphics card driver, follow the instructions on this page under To Manually Update Drivers

    So please take note of this if you are a Windows 8 user, or have had problems with Windows 8.

    Best Wishes,