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    It has been a great inspiration to see all of the images submitted to the Isadora User Group Facebook page in response to a request from @mark 

    Wishing that there was a better way than Facebook pop outs to view all 185 of the stunning catalogue of images, and after reading a recent post about accessing images directly from a web based URL in Isadora, I was already very interested in a solution. 

    With the deepest respect and admiration for content producing Isadorables and an understanding of the intellectual property that is held in the representation of creative work, I have scraped the Facebook thread. This has produced a text file listing image URL's and associated user names that can be programmed into an Isadora patch to view the cornucopia of images with simple credit acknowledging the creators. This requires a plugin that will render an image from a URL. @jandraka created a FFGL plugin that renders a webpage URL and being reminded of how to do this I created a FFGL Plugin that renders image URL's with some transform parameters as well. Unfortunately, the FFGL Isadora Plugins that can be created in Vuo Pro software are only compatible with MAC OS. 

    I do this mostly to deepen my understanding of the possibilities of working with Isadora and its community. But I am also intrigued by what we can do with online data through the use of API's, the Get URL Text and other interesting modules in Isadora.

    If you have Isadora on a MAC you can install the FFGL Plugin 'URL Image trans.bundle' to the Isadora FFGL folder and enjoy the slide show. The images are rendered to the stage but are not downloaded and saved as files to the computer. patch and FFGL plugin here

    [EDIT: I have removed the link until I get people's permission for the images to be used; see item #2 in my post below for my reasons for doing this. –– Mark Coniglio]


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    I know you did this with the best of intentions, but I have have had to remove the link to the patch for the following reasons:

    1) I told everyone in the Facebook thread that their images would not be shared publicly. But now, you've essential made a way to share them publicly. (I logged out of FaceBook and it still showed the images... so it would seem you do not even need to be on FaceBook which means the privacy of the closed group is not being respected.)

    2) This patch may violate EU data protection laws.

    I need to confer with our company manager on how we should handle this. Until then, please do not post the patch anywhere else.

    Best Wishes,

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    Dear Mark,

    A line crossed and a line erased. I have deleted the patch download. Apologies for any inconvenience. Damn, sometimes I wish I could just keep my head in!

    Best Wishes,