[ANSWERED] Macbook Pro - Advice. Big Sur / M1 Chipset.

  • hi guys, I would like to know the compatibility of isadora with the big sur operating system also with the latest and future releases… In anticipation of a purchase in the first month of 2022 of a new secure Mac book pro with Intel processor.  Obviously we do not recommend an Apple processor, given that the Mac book pro 16 ”which should be released in September should be equipped with an M1X processor and therefore everything is under new processing ???

  • Tech Staff


    Isadora 3.0.8 is running run on the new M1 mac mini I have here for testing via Rosetta 2 emulation. Performance is good and I haven't run into any serious issues so far. We are still testing to be sure all is well before we give the 'supported' notification. At the same time we are moving toward native support for Apple Silicon (M1). What is not yet known about the native M1 support is how many plugins we might lose. For instance the OpenNI motion tracking plugins will not work natively on the M1 (these use legacy 3rd party code that is likely never to be updated). While others may not be available until 3rd party libraries are updated for native M1 support.

    In short, Isadora 3.0.8 runs well on Big Sur, and Big Sur on M1 chips using Rosetta emulation.
    Officially we support Isadora 3.0.8 on Big Sur. See: https://support.troikatronix.c...

  • ok… thank you for this informations !!!

    I will take in consideration