• A simple question I think - is there any way to distinguish between an active secondary scene and the current scene? The Enter Scene Trigger fires in all cases, but what I'm looking for is a way to fire a trigger automatically when a secondary (light blue) scene is activated, and then fire a second trigger when that scene becomes the primary (dark blue) scene.

  • Dear Rick,

    Unfortunately, I can't suggest a clean way to distinguish this. The only method I can think of is to send a message using the "Broadcaster" actor just before you jump out of the primary scene. But even then, I don't know if this can solve your problem.
    Best Wishes,

  • Thanks Mark, that's my current solution. It works when running a sequence in order, but is harder when jumping around, but no problem!

  • Tech Staff

    Depending on how fast you are loading scenes.. maybe you can write to the scene number (for active scene and for secondary scene) to text using the datarray acotr, then read the latest numbers when loading every scene, compare to scenes self number (using the new current scene number actor).
    You could go further and say that the first value in the array is the active scene, and any following values belong to secondary scenes. This could allow you to run multiple secondary scene that are 'aware' of there state.
    Of course.. this is just an idea.. totally untested ;)

  • Tech Staff

    This will only work if all scene movement is done programatically.. using the scenelist will mess up your dataset.

  • Thanks! - will have to do some testing, I'm not very familiar with Data Array, but I do understand the idea.

  • Tech Staff

    Let us know how you fair. This could be rather a useful tool. I can give it a go after the weekend if that helps.