TEXTOSC - Tool for routing text into Isadora

  • Hello, Isadora is an awesome program but it has one issue that has not been addressed for a long time, an ability to read text file into it. While there is an awesome actor that is posed to solve this issue, it only runs on windows and has yet to be ported to OS X.

    For a long time I have been using my own Max6 patch to route text into Isadora over OSC. 
    Here is compiled application for some one who does not know MAX
    I will post patch as separate post
  • Izzy Guru

    Isadora can receive text via OSC, but you have to change the input type of the OSC listener to text.


  • Yp sorry I can post the Isadora patch that is set to receive the OSC as text

  • excellent! I need this for my game player name input

  • Vanderezee enjoy. If you have a question let me know. I might do a version that can be controlled from Isadora with MIDI

  • Hello,

    Your app works, but it dont resolve the latin language problem…
    I had worked on osc text long time ago with QC to parse XML file. The big problem is that Isadora recognize only ASCII text, my project is about subtitling performance and beside English, there is most of the world using accented letters.
    I tried all the encoding changes to resolve the problem, no way.
    For the moment I do the image from text in QC, sending it to Isadora, but it is a big CPU load.
    Please Mark, a good OSC text import support? Or perhaps an XML parser? Or a data Array with text?
    With that you can make a killing text application

  • Data Array with UNICODE would be awesome. It is one of the most important things that is needed in Isadora.