• Hello dear Isadora users,

    I'd like to make you discover "The Unknown Skater" : [http://franetjim.free.fr/unknownskaterperf.html](http://franetjim.free.fr/unknownskaterperf.html)
    It's an AV performance I did for the first time outdoors yesterday night in Paris' Fête de la Musique (music fest), after 5 other shows (including Kasseler Dokfest in Germany, LPM in Rome and Computer Art Congress in Paris).
    This time, I performed it with the latest version which is really good (no freeze at all, only problem I had sometimes with the former version).
    Thanks Mark for this very good job!
    I only use 4 movie players and different effects I control with the keyboard, the mouse and a korg nanokontrol.
    Jim Rolland