Kinect Skeleton Under Windows?

  • Dear Windows Users,

    Any suggestions for simple but good apps that can provide Kinect skeleton data using OSC? I tried a simple one called OSCKinect 1.0 but my fans were screaming.

    Best Wishes,


    he promised mac build soon too

  • Marc is this for you? It is a 10 minute job to make one starting from this
    I made a quick OSX version with syphon of point cloud, mask, colour and depth image, I have code to get quarternions and XYZ out OSC. I dont have a windows machine running but I can send the files of the code that will compile if you have your linker settings right (all the code is cross platform). The openNi part is portable and super fast and well written (it has a lot of users right now). The OSC part adds no overhead.