• I was playing around with a LPD8 within an Izzy file and then saved the show. Then, after deciding to not use it, I deleted all midi related actors and turned the midi ports to 'none' and then re-saved the file. But now, Izzy crashes every time I open the file unless the LPD8 is connected. Once the file opens, I can unplug it and all works fine...

    Any thoughts? I think that the only setting to change is under communications, right?

  • Dear Rick,

    Hmmmm... I'd like to see the crash reports on this. But to get you going again, please follow the instructions [here](http://troikatronix.com/support/kb/delete-isadora-preferences/). Actually, what would be really great is if you sent me the Isadora Preference file for the version that is crashing (the version number is part of the preference file name) _before_ you delete it, just in case it is a preferences thing.
    Best Wishes,

  • Sending now Mark, thanks!

  • OK weird - now it opens fine, I was going to generate a new crash report... Attached is the former crash report though and the current prefs file.