Divide hz into fractions of seconds

  • hello

    I have a pulse (hz) and a envelope generator (sec) and I want the duration of the envelope to be half of the Hz but as simple as that might sound I am getting nowhere.
    looking for a calculation to get this relationship when I tap my tempo:
    hz      sec
    0.5     1
    1        0.5
    2        0.25
    4        0.125

  • The period of a wave (seconds) = 1.0 divided by the frequency (Hz) 

    In other words,

    s = 1.0 / f
    where s is expressed in seconds, and f is expressed in Hz.
    For example, 1.0 / 0.5 Hz = 2 seconds
    Then just divide the seconds by 2.0\. You'll need to multiply the result by 1000 for the Envelope Generator, because the underlying representation is milliseconds.
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  • finally got it...