Broadcast timer in minutes and seconds?

  • Often, at the beginning of a piece, I activate a scene with music in it which runs for the entire piece. This could be 20 minutes, or it could be an hour...  I find myself wanting to know where I am in the music a lot, so that I can time cues to the music.

    I spent some time figuring this out tonight and the picture shows what I have ended up with: a timer is activated with the music and linked to a broadcaster. A listener in each subsequent scene takes the number without the decimal place,  for some reason and so I use a calculator to divide by 1000 to get the decimal place back and another to divide by 60 to have the number expressed in minutes and a percentage of minutes.  This is fine, but what I really want is minutes and seconds. Is there a way to do it?

    Many thanks,



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    Did you try my TimerTool? You can download it in the first post.


  • Or maybe with TimeCode Trigger and Timecode Jump user actors ? (user actors on the bottom of the discussion). But in order to make it work, you have to use movie player (with QT audio files).


  • @Skulpture: your timer tool is fantastic! Thanks!!


  • Tech Staff

    All @Michel work @CitizenJoe :)

  • And very fine work it is. Thanks @Michel thats a great tool.

  • Tech Staff

    thanks @Kathmandale
    you are all welcome. :-)

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