• Name: Maria van der Vlugt
    Isadora Version: prerelease_version
    Operating System: MaxOSX 10.8.x
    OS Mode: 64
    Processor: Intel i7
    Quicktime Version: QT 7.7
    RAM: 8
    Pixel Format: RGB

    Does anyone have problems with having 20 sound players actively looping at the same time? Or how to work around this? I already tried to divide into two scenes or to activate them over and over by using enter scene trigger or other triggers. Thanks! Marloeke

  • I think sound players can only have up to 16 play channels, so if you like to have more than 16 sounds playing in izzy at the same time you might have to try using other actors like sound movie player (then you would have to convert your sound file from .aiff or .wav to .mov). Or if you have the core audio version then you can use AUsoundfile player to play more sounds at the same time.

  • Thanks for your quick answer! I will try the core audio actors, let's see if that works. M

  • Izzy Guru

    Note: you do need the core audio upgrade for this - which is a small additional cost.

    (you may already have it)

  • Chemerik is right.

    The Sound Player actor supports a maximum of 16 individual channels of playback. But you've already seen this in the forum... try converting the files to mp3 so they will show up in the Movies bin and play in the Movie Player, or use the Core Audio actors. (The latter will only work if you have purchased the Core Audio upgrade.)
    Best Wishes,

  • yes, thanks a lot, it works with the core audio actors.

    greets Marloeke