• Isadora Version: prerelease_version 1.3.1fo3
    Operating System: MaxOSX 10.8.x
    OS Mode: 64
    Processor: Intel i7
    Quicktime Version: QT 7.7
    RAM: 8
    Pixel Format: RGB
    Severity: Doesn't Operate As Expected
    Frequency: Always

    Hi you all, is there a way to trigger 'record stage' from within a patch? And to have the footage back into the patch?

    I want to capture the videostream the Kinect camera is making.. Thanks for thinking with me,
    greets Marloeke
  • Izzy Guru

    Yes you should be able to do this.b1fb7e-screen-shot-2013-07-03-at-10.35.26.png

  • Actually, there is no direct actor that allows you to trigger the recording. I never thought of this as a useful possibility. I can't offer you a simple solution to this problem I'm afraid.

    Best Wishes,

  • Isn't this what the Capture To Disk actor does?

  • HI, thanks for the answers. Sure it is possible to press the keys but I need to be able to do that automatically, it's a stand alone patch and I want to record the images from Syphon / Kinect, not the regular video images. So yes, as Mark answers with a trigger. But it doesn't exist. I downloaded midi stroke to do it but I can't get it to communicate with Isadora. Did you work with that? greets Marloeke

  • RE "Isn't this what the Capture To Disk actor does?" -- this actor only commands Isadora to capture the live feed from the camera and record it to disk. It does not do the same for the Stage output.

    -- M

  • @marloeke_vlugt
    If it was not for the recording part, you can achieve this by simply putting a "syphon Stage Output" and a "Qc Syphon Client"
    to a second stage 

  • up !

    i'm currently working on a show for which a "Stage to Disk" actor would have been great !
    (to record live drawings, and play them backward afterwards...)
    found [this camtwist solution](http://vimeo.com/73183907)...
    ...a few hours later... continuing exploration, i'm stuck with 2 issues :
    > a strange behavior of the **Capture to Disk** actor (**function** = "start") :
    whenever the **movie** input is set to "**1**" and a name ("test") entered in the **file name** input,
    the new file ("test.mov") will replace the previous one on disk, but will be added (index 2) in the Media window, as if the **movie** input had been set to "**add**" !
    > selecting my "CamTwist" input on channel 1 in the **Live C****apture Settings** window, i just have to close this window and re-open it, and appears a new input "CamTwist : CamTwist (offline)" that is selected instead of the (still existing !) previous one...
    any idea ?!...
  • Tech Staff

    I could use an actor to start and stop stage record.. it would help me in creating seemless loops among other things.

  • @[DusX](http://troikatronix.com/troikatronixforum/profile/149/DusX) 
    you could do that kind of thing using the **Buffer** actor...
  • Tech Staff

    Yes, but I want to save the files.. I often create video comps that will only run at maybe 5fps, and I need to render them out.
    Having a way to automate the start and stop of the recording could be very handy..
    Even just as a way to output X number of seconds of video and then stop... great if you want to create a number of 30sec segments.
    If the file name could be incremented it could be automated.. I could setup a system that outputs X number of seconds of video from each scene.
    that would be fantastic.

  • i'm still testing the CamTwist solution, but despite the 2 issues i described , it seems to work quite well...

    it would be great to be able to start and stop live capture with an actor instead of the menu's shortcuts.
    with **movie** set to **add**, you could use media's index instead of file name...?

  • still a strange behavior of the Live Capture Settings window : a simple opening can make Izzy crash...

    if i let the window opened, starting/stoping with keyboard shortcuts : no crash and no "CamTwist : CamTwist (offline)" new input...
    on the contrary, **Capture to Disk** works correctly today, despite no significant change of mine !!

  • Dear Spidflinch,

    If you're having a crash, follow the instructions in the [bug report guidelines](http://troikatronix.com/troikatronixforum/discussion/65/bug-reports-guidelines) so that I can investigate.
    Best Wishes,

  • Dear Mark,

    as there is no file attachment link in the support form, i send you here the zipped 10 last crash reports...
    tell me if you need further informations.


  • You could use Osculator to fire a Key Combo or an Apple Script.

    This would be easy specially to automate multiple recordings.

  • Dear Spidflinch,

    These are really weird crashes. It's just trying to draw the buttons in the Window. I test heavily on 10.6.8, and I have never seen this. (The crash reports tell me you're using 10.6.8 too.) Do you have any funny stuff that would affect how changes the font for the buttons and other system user interface items? Or anything else strange like that? 
    Best Wishes,

  • Dear Mark

    to my knowledge (!), i don't have any stuff to change the system interface except Onyx, and the only parameter i sometimes change is the visibility of the hidden files (.filename) when i work on web developpement...
    you worry me !!
    i've been able to reproduce the crash without using Camtwist :
    - no application but Isadora
    - no project opened
    - using the Build-In iSight as input
    - just opening/closing the **Live Capture Settings** window, **Settings** button, and starting/stoping Live Capture
    i send you here the 5 last crash reports...