Stage on Main monitor not showing. Windows 7

  • Hello,

    I'm having trouble to get Stage 1, assigned to main monitor to show.
    I configure 2 stages, one for main monitor and the other one for monitor 2\. This last one runs ok but stage 1 goes to black.
    The best part of it: If I press CONTROL + ALT + DELETE  and start Task manager, the video will run fine behind the task manager window. If I close it, monitor would go to black again.
    How can I fix this? I run an Mini-itx Gygabyte GA-ZNN7 with a Quadcore i5 with 16 gb of ram using integrated graphics (intel) with latest drivers. And Win 7.
    I tried latest stable version of Isadora and prerelease with no luck. Tried multiple combinations of stage and monitors. Disabled Aero too...
    Any help would be appreciated! Thank you.

  • Dear Leo,

    Are both videos OK when running with Preview windows?
    Best Wishes,

  • Hello mark, Yes, they are. It happened on another windows machine with completeley different hardware too. I forgot to mention it before. Windows 7 on via board with via daughter card for graphics Thanks

  • I'll be somewhere with a video projector in a few hours. I'll try my copy to see what happens there. But no other users have reported this problem, so I'm a bit mystified as to what the issue could be. No one else has mentioned it.

    Is this a laptop or a desktop machine?

    Are you video drivers totally up to date? Please check and update them if a newer version is available.
    Also, please check that you don't have _three_ stages enabled. If you had, for instance, stage 1 showing on the Main Display, but had stage 2 and 3 both showing on Display 2, then Stage 3 would appear on top of Stage 2, and you'd see only black. So please check that.
    Best Wishes,

  • Hello Mark,

    I did a clean install of windows
    Desktop machine with a mini-itx board: Gygabyte GA-Z77N
    16 gig Ram
    Win 7 64 bit ( could that be the problem?)
    last stable version of Isadora
    Latest Intel HD drivers for integrated graphics (dual hdmi output)
    no Aero, no nothing. And only one stage enabled pointing Main monitor.
    I also tried different resolutions, with no succes. But if I configure stage to half screen or third screen it will show ok.
    I also noticed that pressing windows key will activate bottom windows bar and start menu, then I see the video as background, with menus on top of it. If I click the mouse to get back to Isadora it will go back to black.
    Straaange thing man. It's surely a windows problem but I have no clue why does this happen.
    I'll keep trying more configs.
    Thanks for your attention mark.

  • Ok, I was using the actor movie player direct, with no other actors. Now I tried Movie Player + Proyector and it works fine.

    Anyway I would like to use Movie Player Direct for that stage.
    Could you please check it Mark?
    Thank you!

  • Dear Leo,

    Regarding Movie Player Direct: please let me know what codec you are using for the movie that won't play. Thanks.

  • Hello Mark,

    Apple ProRes 4:2:2 in any resolution. Also in Photojpg @ 1280x720
    Any more info just tell me.