Epoccam Feature Requests for Kinoni?

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    I can answer your first question.
    iPhone and iPad have a built in kiosk mode, I have used this many times and it's really helpfull.

    First you have to enable “Guided Access” in your iOS settings

    1. Open “Settings”
    2. Go to “General” > “Accessibility”
    3. Tap on “Guided Access” (Scroll down the page a little, it’s under the “Learning” section)
    4. Flip the switch to “ON”

    Way number one:**
    Open the app of your choice (epoccam) tripple klick the home button, know klick on start and enter a passcode. This prevents people to close the active app, but they can still change the settings.
    To leave the kiosk mode tripple klick the home button again and enter the passcode.

    Way number two:
    Open the app of your choice (epoccam) tripple klick the home button, now draw a circle or a rectrangle with your finger around the buttons you want to be locked, click continue. Know the chosen areas a locked.
    To leave the kiosk mode tripple klick the home button again and enter the passcode.


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    Thanks Michel and Skulpture. You are one of the souls of this forum!

  • Thanks a lot,
     it's perfect and easy, Guided Access will solve a lot to me !

    @Kinoni I wonder if you wish to developp osc controll  as mark proposed for focus exposure flashlight accel and so on...?
    such feature would really make it definately complete!


  • Do you know where I can find phones' video stream weights regarding size in mb/s to have an idea about wireless needs?

  • Hi guys,
    I tested jailbroken Iphone 5 on ios 7 Video stream with epoccam multi and brandwith app
    0,3 mb/min on 1280/720
    0,15 mb/min 640/480

    so it's not a lot (certainly due to compression),
    I suppose, if it's matching the same rule than wifi hotspots,that a 750mb/s (even if technically would be twice less)
    is really enough.

  • @bennid

    Thanks for the feedback. Answers to your questions:
    1) Answered already, thanks Skulpture.
    2) Dimming the screen is a feature asked by many users. Maybe we should implement it so that after a minute screen dims and touching it activates the screen again. Not sure how much battery that would save though, sending video over WiFi seems to drain the battery.
    3) We have studied OSC support a bit, and it looks like a massive task to implement controlling all camera parameters. At this point adding this feature does not look like viable business decision.
    4) In general 5GHz WiFi channels are less crowded that 2.4GHz channels, but 5 GHz WiFi has less range. It really depends on your environment if there are many WiFi networks and WiFi users sucking the bandwidth. One feature we are looking at is direct connection between phone and Mac, eliminating need for wireless router. Not sure how well this works for multiple devices, need to do some testing on it.

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    "5 GHz WiFi has less range" Interesting - I did not know this. Thanks.

  • @Skulpture
    here is it ;-)

    @Kinoni2) maybe Kinoni screen behaviour could just match global ios pref regarding screen dimmer  (allowing to dim automatically) so that it doesn't affect your soft interface?
    (dimming by default could be a huge problem when we use it with accessibility/guided access to prevent screen and button interfering...)

    1. I don't realise how much hard this is but focus lock/unlock and eventually remote could definately be a plus !
      maybe we'll find later how to use "touch osc" backgrounded for other accels and orientations' sends.

    2. I use 2 to 3 cams, on ad hoc point from my laptop and it 's working quite well, but maybe you meant you're developping wired connectivity?

  • how about epocam working with a galaxy 5 phone-All it does is turn my screen black.