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  • I have the OSCulator app running and it is reading my Wii fine, my issue is trying to get isadora's OSC listener to receive the info.  What are the missing steps on the isadora side? Is there a tutorial to take me through the steps anywhere?  Any info would be very helpful, thanks

  • you have to send OSCulator (make sure the Value is OK on it with local port xxxx) to Isadora 1234 (you can choose another 4 digit number) and make sure is the same on Isadora OSC port number (1234 is the default), activate the Stream Setup on the Communication menu

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  • Wow, Skulpture thanks so much that made it so easy. I just took a class with Mark in NYC and he said that they were working on the tutorial. My issue was with the OSC routing piece. Thanks for sending the link, it works very well now. I added the smoother actor to help with some of the shakiness and it works great!

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