Moving projection surface calibration? (IR leds, IR camera)

  • Hey everybody,

    I've been looking through a few recent threads that were really helpful, but I'm hitting a wall a little bit and hoping you guys can help.
    I've got a small projection surface that I'm tracking with eyes++, and it's working great, but I'm wondering if anyone's got any ideas about best practices in terms of calibration of the image and the moving screen in physical space. (i.e. right now I'm using a 3d quad distort actor, and it's following the 4 leds really well in the projection, but the projection isn't calibrated to the actual screen on stage). I'm pretty sure I can figure this out, but I thought I'd check to see if anyone had gone through this already and had any ideas.
    Also, if there are already threads covering this, let me know! I searched a bunch and couldn't find any, but I may have just missed them.
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    I've done similar projects and its really just a matter of combining a Limit Scale Value for the ratio and a calculator for the offset for each dimension that's being manipulated and then tweaking the math until it works properly.