Linking Isadora with scenic automation using UDP

  • Hi all,

    I'm interested in linking Isadora with a scenic automation software called Spikemark ([](  Spikemark has already been linked successfully with Watchout ([]( and/or [](  The idea would be that Spikemark would send Isadora the position of automated scenery and use that data to move the projected image along with the moving scenery.
    Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 
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    This would defiantly be a question for Mark the creator/owner.

    If it uses UDP then I am sure something is possible. 

  • Dear jshimon,

    I quickly perused the link you provided. Isadora doesn't have a "generic UDP" input feature like Watchout. It accepts either messages in an Isadora specific format (used by the Net Broadcaster) or Open Sound Control (OSC) messages via UDP. Implementing a such a feature would be a relatively significant task and, at the moment, would benefit a very small number of users. So, for the time being, I'm afraid I can't promise anything.
    Do you think there would be any way to convince the Spikemark people to implement OSC as a protocol for their software? The argument for this would be that it would mean that Spikemark would instantly be compatible with a huge number of applications, Isadora included. If all they are doing is sending numbers, it would be a relatively simple task to implement.
    Final thought: Is there any way to customize the UDP messages _Spikemark_ sends? If so, then perhaps one could create the OSC messages in Spikemark already.
    Best Wishes,
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    Spikemark definitely doesn't let you customize the UDP messages it outputs but it would be awesome if they could be convinced to add OSC output. In the meantime, it's pretty easy to make a little Spikemark UDP to OSC translator standalone app using MAX/MSP so if you know someone who can program MAX they could whip that up for you

  • Thanks all for the very quick responses.

    I'm in some contact with the folks at Creative Conners and will see what is available for OSC output.  If anyone here is interested in making the translator app MattewH suggested let me know.  If anything becomes available from the Spikemark folks I will post follow up here.

  • Dear shimon,

    If you like, you can tell them I'll get on skype for a quick conversation describing what is involved, in case that will help convince them.
    Best Wishes,

  • Mark,

    Thanks for the offer, I will see what they are up for and Message you specifics.

  • Did anything come of the effort to connect Isadora with Spikemark?

    It would be a great hook-up to have!

  • It might be worth a try. But I also know that Creative Conners is highly proprietary in their thinking. Still it would be nice if we could all get along!

  • I would like to control isadora using the Brightsign tm app. It sends user specified UDP commands to the local subnet or network. Is there a plan to make UDP input in isadora. Consider it a feature request. Thanks guys.

  • @opmeyer said:

    Brightsign tm app

     In one side, OSC is UDP… I try your brightsign app, you need a brightsign device in the network as to be able to send something, All seems very proprietary protocols to change what appears on brightsign devices, so I doesn't see the practicality of the app. Why you dont use touchOSC, it's easy to set and it works?

    Perhaps I dont understand what you want to do and you need to explain a little bit more. Another possible way is to build a little app in Max/Msp receiving UDP and rerouting it to Isadora.


  • @mark native UDP would be great for Izzy, so much more stuff uses it than osc. The networking library is already there, so it can't be that much work???

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    Native UDP has been a feature request many times in this forum. Perhaps the demand is not strong enough?