Button problem on Wii Remote

  • hi,

    I managed to get my Wii working, thanx to Marks Tutorial. But i ran into a problem. the plus & minus button on my Wii should trigger to the next movie. they do, but they trigger 2 movies.
    one on press the other on release. the sequential timer did not solve my problem. any suggestions? what am i doing wrong? see attached image for my patch.


  • Izzy Guru

    Try the multi blocker actor instead of the sequential trigger.


  • tried multi blocker, no success  :(  still triggers on press and on release

  • what are you using to process the OSC from the Wiimote? OSCeleton or similar? i'm sure there'll be a button mode option in there.

    if the multiblocker isn't working, you've probably got it set too quick. try setting it to 2 seconds or something....

  • @dbini  i´m using osCulator. thanx for the time hint. i works perfectly now!

    @Michel: thanx for the actor hint!!

  • Dear Peter,

    I think what's happening is that you are getting a trigger 1) when you press the button and 2) when you release it. (OSCulator will send 1.0 when you press, 0.0 when you release.) I would use a Comparator actor after the OSC Listener to compare the value to 1.0 -- then use the 'true' output to trigger whatever you need to trigger. That way, you'll only get a trigger when you _press_ the button, not when you release it.
    Best Wishes,