• I'm very happy with the possibility to use an applescript to let my media bins know what files are moved into an folder in the finder.

    But what I miss is to let the media bins know what files are moved out, so that the media bins always accurately follows a certain folder. (Also if the file operations are done outside Isadora.)
    (It is media bins because my project has 4 bins to feed 4 projectors.)
    Hope I made myself clear,

  • Dear Plem

    I think it's clear: you want the Media Bins to "track" the contents of a folder automatically.
    I've changed the category of your post to "Features". People may vote for features they want to see by clicking the little "+" button at the top right of your post. Seeing which features get the most votes will help me decide which ones to implement first.
    You should be the first one to hit "+" ;-)
    Best Wishes,

  • Hi Mark Of cause that would be the best solution for my problem. Lets see how that works out. But in the mean time: Do I have to understand from your remark that the applescript solution is not available? Thanks And keep up the goor work! Peter

  • Bump of an old post, is it possible to do some kind of "tracking" of a folder with appelscript?
    I.e. to get a media bin to remove a media when it's been deleted i Finder?